soft playground equipment from Guangzhou Cowboy Toys

soft playground equipment from Guangzhou Cowboy Toys

Model No.︰Mt-008

Brand Name︰Guangzhou Cowboy Toys

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 ㎡

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1. Colorful, non-fading, high-strength, static electricity resistant, wear resistant, sunproof, age resistant and crack resistant.

2. Combining European and American popular styles with the characteristics of the domestic market, it skillfully adds functional movements such as running, sneaking, creeping, climbing, sliding, turning and rolling into children's activities, which not only exercises their balance, independent coordination and creative ability, but also improves children's awareness of self-protection.

3. It is ideal for active areas (shopping malls, parks, residential area, supermarket, kindergarten, etc.). The recreational facilities are safe and durable in structure, ingenious in design and harmonious in color. Various plastic components are ingeniously combined, which can provide children with security, fun and a lively feeling.

Product material:

Material: Engineered plastics, galvanized pipes, PVC foam pipes, nylon protection nets, etc.
Internal structure: List of product configuration attached.
Service life: About 10-20 years under normal conditions

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